I Think My Wife is Beautiful

I Think My Wife is Beautiful…and It Has Nothing to do With Her Shoes.

My wife and I are about to go out somewhere special. We’re all dressed and I’m waiting to leave. Then I watch as she grabs a pair of shoes from the closet, puts them on, sticks one foot out towards me and says “Do these look good?”
Now let me just say that I have a whole list of things my wife can wear that will skyrocket the level of her attractiveness… no shoes have ever been on that list.
This year I will be celebrating 13 years of marriage to my wonderful wife. She’s a great mother to our son, and I love her more than anything. We’ve been through joyous times, and terrible tragedy together. We argue and have disagreements as all couples do, but we never lose the love. We’ve aged well together, and while neither of us looks the same as our younger versions anymore, I look at her every day and still find her attractive.
Seeing my wife in some sexy lingerie, or a bra & panties (or even less), is still my most favourite thing to see in this world. It doesn’t even have to be anything special, just regular, everyday casual wear. Even after all our years together, I still catch myself checking her out at least a dozen times a day. I can’t help it…She has such a sexy butt.
My wife looks great in lots of different outfits, but more than anything, I have to say that I love seeing her in a dress most of all. Throughout our marriage, I have made many ill-fated attempts to buy her dresses that I thought she would look beautiful in. There were so many from Christmases, birthdays, anniversaries, or just times when I’ve bought her one because I saw it and I thought she would look nice in it.
I can count on one hand the number of dresses I’ve bought her that she's actually kept and worn out of the house. Half of them were outright returned for a refund, while the other half were not returnable and were either given away, or left to hang in a closet forever. Whenever I do give her a dress, there is always a similar pattern that we go through.
She goes to try on the dress (though there are a few where she’s never even done that), then comes out to show me. Now as I’ve said, I love to see my wife in a dress. She’ll come out, and my heart will skip a beat because she looks so good. I’ll tell her she looks beautiful, gorgeous; and it would be absolutely true for me to say that. Then I will almost always here her complain about how she doesn’t like the way a certain body part looks in the dress.
The most common complaint she will make is that it makes her tummy look big. Yes people, my wife has (*gasp!*) a tummy! Someone call the Tummy Police because her stomach is not as flat and toned as the ones that the Kardashians and JLo love to splash all over Instagram. She is hardly one to complain about tummies when I’m the one who weighs in at over 200 pounds. If I worried about people being able to tell the size of my tummy, I’d never leave home. Then if it’s not her tummy she complains about, then it’s something else. Like, she doesn’t want to wear a sleeveless dress because shethinks her upper arms don’t look good. She doesn’t want to wear any dress with a plunging neckline, because apparently, no women ever looks good in a dress with a plunging neckline (Hollywood red carpets are clearly the exception).       
I’m fairly certain that I can’t be the only guy who has to deal with this madness. No matter how much we insist on telling our ladies how great they look, in the face of their own self-consciousness, our opinions could not mean less. I keep telling her that you can’t be defined by a single feature. She is more than just a tummy, upper arms, or a few grey hairs; but she still insists on believing those tiny pieces mean more than the whole. And it’s not just body parts she puts so much attention on, it’s things like accessories that she wears…Which brings us back to shoes.
Like most men on this planet, I just do not understand women’s shoes. I don’t know who implanted the idea that women needed so many different kinds of shoes, but they were a marketing genius. A woman’s attitude toward shoes sometimes borders on insanity. Why buy a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable to wear, and difficult to walk in? I constantly see women walking down the street with huge blisters on the heels of their feet covered with band-aids. Injuries sustained from the shoes they wear.
Do you know what I do when I buy a pair of shoes and I find out they are uncomfortable to wear, difficult to walk in, and cause wounds on my feet? I take them back to the store. Yet somehow, a woman will continue to wear them for no other reason than they think they make her look good. Well I would dare say that if a woman looks good in a pair of shoes, it’s only because she looked good before she put them on. I’ll concede that high-heeled shoes can probably do something to improve the appearance of woman’s legs and butt. However, I think my wife’s butt looks fantastic even if she’s barefoot. And it doesn’t stop at shoes either. There are so many unimportant things you insist focusing on. 
Here is a list of things no man has ever said after seeing a woman: 
  1. “If only she was wearing different shoes.”
  2. “Her eyelashes just weren’t curled enough.”
  3. “Why doesn’t her purse match her outfit?”
  4. “I don’t like the colour her fingernails are painted.”
  5. “Those are totally the wrong earrings for this occasion.”
  6. “Is she really wearing white after Labour Day?”
  7. “That hairstyle is totally wrong for her bone structure.”
  8. “She wasn’t wearing any jewelry.”
  9. “I would only go out with her if she wore some blue contact lenses.”
  10. “Are those split-ends?”
I would just like to close with a final message to all you ladies (and my wife if she’s reading this). Most men, the good ones at least, do not scrutinize a woman like it’s the Miss America Pageant. When it comes to your boyfriend/husband, someone who truly loves you and whose heart you hold, there is nobody they are attracted to more than you.
Of course we will see celebrities, or just people in our day-to-day lives that we find attractive, but that’s a different kind of attraction entirely. That kind is purely physical. A fantasy with no kind of emotional attachment. True love to a life-long partner will always beat an attractive stranger 
Do some men cheat? Yes. I can’t speak from experience because I can’t imagine ever doing that. The motivations of some men remain a mystery to me. But it seems cheaters clearly deal with greater issues than whether they think someone is pretty. 
Of course, there is such a thing as “letting yourself go.” But there is a difference between a 10-20 pound gain and a 50-60 pound gain. It’s a fact of life that we won’t always look as good as we did in our 20s, but that’s no reason to obsess over a few grey hairs, or wrinkles. We can’t all be as ageless as Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum or JLo (No way we could afford that). But chances are, someone who loves you isn’t going to care so much. Just remember, they are aging right along with you. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in any effort at all. It’s important to put a little work into looking good. Just try to be reasonably health conscious, and have some confidence. When your husband tells you that you look beautiful, believe him, because he does mean it. Then believe it when you say it to yourself. 
Oh, yeah…and be sure to throw a compliment to your guy once in a while too. We also feel self-conscious sometimes…

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