Scotty Macduff

Sometimes there are dangers in the world that are too big to be dealt with by ordinary men. Sometimes you need someone who is more than just a man. You need someone who is more than just a hero. That’s when you call on Scotty MacDuff: Super-Agent.
Born into a privileged and wealthy family, Scotty MacDuff decided to forgo a life of comfort, ease and excess. He chose to use what he was blessed with to try and make a true difference in the world. Scotty is tough as nails and can face any foe. He’s smarter than smart. His brilliant mind can decode any puzzle; solve any mystery. He’s highly trained with an almost endless array of skills. Outfitted with advanced gadgets and technology possessed by no one else. He has the kindest heart and only wishes to fight for good. And what is perhaps the most incredible thing about him...He’s a…Canadian.
When a mysterious villain begins stealing away buildings, making them disappear without a trace, Scotty begins an investigation. With the help of his artificial intelligence assistant A.N.N.I., and a new companion Clara, they work together to discover the identity of the criminal mastermind and unravel the details of their fiendish plan.

Copies of this Middle Grade novel can be purchased on Amazon

(ebook and paperback)

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