Movie Reviews

I have always been a huge lover of movies. Blockbusters are my favorite, but I can appreciate all kinds. As I've started to take writing more seriously, I wanted to try my hand at movie reviews, just to see if I can. While it will probably be some time before I'm at the point where I can get into the private pre-screenings that other critics can go to, I will try to write a review for any new release I see, and even for any older films that I catch for the first time on cable, or Netflix.
My overall score of 5 stars will be based on four separate judging scores:

Genre:  Whether it be Superhero, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action, Drama, etc.; how does it fair within it's own category of movies? Obviously, a goofball comedy like Spaceballs, will be judged differently when compared to a serious historical drama like JFK

Watch-ability:  How good is the movie at holding the interest of the viewer? Does your attention ever start to wain, or are you so eager to see what happens next that you refuse to let your full bladder interrupt you with a trip to the bathroom?

Mass Appeal: Is this movie only going to be enjoyed by children, teenagers, adults 18-49, seniors 65+, or is there something there for everybody?

Casting & Script: Was the movie bad/good because the roles were improperly cast, or was the script too bad for any actor to save?


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